Wedding Photography - Avalon, Catalina Island

Tip 1: Find Your Style – Create a Mood Board 

Almost every wedding photographer has their own unique eye. Some may like to shoot with strobes, staging every shot, others, using natural light and giving more attention to candid moments – the list could go on. 

A great way to find the style that best resonates with you is to browse around on sites like: Instagram, Pinterest, The Knot, Wedding Wire, and Junebug Magazine. Gather the photos into a board – be creative! Once you collect a gallery of photos you like, highlight the specific characteristics that match your taste – narrow it down, and don’t forget to include your partner in helping create your board.

Making a mood board will help you choose a wedding photographer whose work you will be most satisfied with.


Step 2: Start Searching Early – a Year in Advance 

It is important that you begin your search for wedding vendors as early as possible.

Finding a wedding photography and videography company that matches your stylistic and personal criteria may not be as easy as you think. The process of picking a preferred style, looking over wedding pictures, interviewing the shooters, and finding the best package for the day can take up to a few months. Moreover, a lot of companies you like may not be available on your wedding date.

We highly recommend you to begin your search for a wedding photographer and videographer a year in advance in order to ensure you get what you want, making preparation less stressful.

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Tip 3: Meet Your Photographer in Person

Once you’ve found the photographer whose work inspires you, arrange a meeting in person.It’s very important that your photographer has a friendly attitude and willingness to create for you. 

At the meeting, discuss the location of the wedding, ask them about their approach to the craft, and the style that you’ve envisioned – see if you feel comfortable.

Another great way to meet your photographer is to schedule an engagement shoot. It is the best practice to connect with each other and break the ice before the wedding day.

You will be able to see the team at work, giving you the best picture of what it will be like.

Tip 4: Send Your Photographer a Timeline

The next step will be providing your photographer with a timeline. 

Ideally, you should do it as soon as it is ready – the photographer will give you feedback and let you know if anything needs to be rescheduled.

It’s very important that you discuss when and where the shots will take place and who will be included in the group photos, making sure that there’s enough time scheduled for the photographer to work throughout the wedding day. 

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Tip 5: Create a Shot List

Having a brief shot list written down will help you bring your vision to life.

Typically, your photographer will have a general shot list ready for you, but it would significantly benefit the creative process if you could provide them with some notes – share what you have envisioned for your wedding photos! For instance, do you want to have some black and white or color photographs, preferred poses, specific shots of the decor, or of meaningful objects such as rings and sentimental items? 

This will allow your photographer and videographer to plan the shooting process in advance, making sure to deliver what you want. Lastly, attach a few photos that you love of yourself – that way the photographer knows how you want to look in the wedding pictures. 


Tip 6: Do The First look

While planning your wedding day, don’t forget to dedicate some time for the first look.It’s a perfect opportunity to take a break, calm your nerves, and enjoy the unforgettable moment with your significant other. Moreover, the first look is a great chance for the photographers to take beautiful romantic portraits of you two! 

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Tip 8: Hire Professional Vendors 

Working with professional vendors eliminates the chance of things running late during your wedding day. It is crucial to have professionals do their utmost if you want to remember your wedding as one of the greatest days of your life. 

There are multiple natural factors the may set the timeline behind, however, an experienced coordinator, make up artist, florist, wedding photographer, and other wedding vendors will make sure you get excellent service within a given timeframe. 

Moreover, having a quality vendor will affect the wedding photos as their work will be seen in some pictures ( florists, cake, dress, etc ).

Tip 9: Enjoy Your Special Day! 

Here we go! Our last and most important tip is too fully enjoy your day! Try not to worry about the little things, like someone being late, or having to change the location for your first look. 

It is also important to let your photographers do their best with as little interruption as possible. Remember, why you hired them –  to deliver the best results.

It will only make it difficult for your photographer to capture you having fun at your wedding if you’re worried about their work. 

The more you smile the better, as you will soon realize in your wedding pictures. This is your day – be positive and try to enjoy every moment of it!