Our team of wedding videographers will tell your story and everything that your day encompasses. From the moments of getting ready, through the ceremony, and to the final dances, we will depict the mood and energy of your special day in the most artistic way. We tailor our films with love, filling the edits with a sense of storytelling, creative transitions, and cinematic music. The wedding films we produce touch hearts and create everlasting memories for you and your family.


When it comes to photographing your wedding, we make sure that you enjoy and experience it all, while we are doing our best. We dedicate ourselves to creating memories that will last a lifetime. Through our wedding photographs, we artistically depict the beauty of your day, capturing the energy and emotions of the moment.

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EverTwo Films is a creative Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography company based in Los Angeles, CA. We are passionate about love stories, looking to capture the moments which touch one’s heart. Every couple is unique to us, and we take the utmost care to provide you with exceptional, professionally edited cinematic keepsakes from your special celebration. Our wedding photographers and wedding videographers apply an artistic approach that enframes the pre-production stages to the final piece. If you like our vision, contact us for booking and more info. We look forward to hearing from you!


All I can say is, “WOW!” If you are looking for a beyond talented wedding videographer, look no further. Egor shot my wedding a few weeks ago and we already have our video! I have not been able to stop watching it! His turnaround time is excellent, and the quality of his work exceeded all of my expectations! He captured all the most meaningful parts of the day and made it look even better than I remember! He is so professional, kind, personable, and humble. He does not boss you around like other wedding photographers and videographers do. His videos are natural, and he was able to capture all of the emotions from the day. I honestly cannot say enough good things about him and his work. Book him for your event and you will not be disappointed, trust me!

Kelly G.

“After about four hours of hard research on yelp and google, I was down to about 4 companies that were in my budget. I decided to go with Egor of EverTwo Films simply because of his demeanor on the phone. He was very sweet and easy going. I could tell from the way he talked that he takes what he does seriously and really wants to get an artistic spin on the video. I emailed and called him, he returned my call within minutes, we spoke on the phone for about 10 minutes and then had a contract signed within the hour. He then followed up with text messages reassuring me everything would be great. The day of the ceremony he was on time and ready to get to work. He was very gentle in his approach but would make sure we were doing everything we need to do during the preparations to get the shots he needed. He was awesome throughout the day. We absolutely love the finished highlight video! My husband shows it to EVERYONE and watches it over and over again, all the ladies at his job say it makes them cry. I am so pleased that we had Egor with EverTwo Films capture our special day.”

Leanna F.

“Our experience with EverTwo Films was absolutely fantastic from the day one, and we are very fortunate that we found such a talented wedding photographer for our special day! I was very impressed by Egor’s professionalism and work ethic. When we first contacted him, his response was instant!! He thoroughly explained what’s included in each photography package, went over the details as to shooting process, and offered us a free engagement photoshoot!! At the end of the day we knew we found a perfect wedding photographer!! The engagement shoot didn’t feel like a regular photo session at all, we were just walking along the Malibu cost and snapping photos just as we would normally do with our close friends!! Same happened on our wedding day! As I said before, the entire booking, shooting, and delivery process was %100 perfect, and we are extremely satisfied with the services EverTwo Films provided for us!!!”

Oleg P.

“Our wedding had 430 guests and we were concerned about not finding a company who would handle an event of such size. I was much pleased when Egor told me that we will have two photographers and two videographers for our wedding. Four people seemed quite enough and we agreed to proceed working with evertwo films. First of all I want to point to their excellent communication. They were always in touch and respondent to my emails and calls. I was provided with all the necessary information in advance which made the entire preparation process much easier. On the day, the team work was impressive to watch. They were definitely a meaningful part of the day, and kept up the positive energy while doing their best. The final footage turned out amazing and was very good quality. I also loved being able to share all of the photographs with my friends and family using the Dropbox they provided. I want to thank everyone in Evertwo Films for being with us on our wedding day and doing an astounding work. Very professionals and creative!”

Ardi F.

“My first encounter with EverTwo Films was at my friend’s wedding. I was one of the bridesmaids and when I saw their team at work I was really impressed! My husband and I were already engaged at that time and we’re looking for a high end wedding photography and videography team for our upcoming wedding in March. When we saw the edit and photos they did for our friends wedding – we simply fell in love with the footage and decided to go ahead and contact the company. First impression, Egor was really sweet and caring person, he asked how did we meet and what’s our love story. We felt like it was the right choice, and went ahead to book. Our wedding day schedule was a bit hectic, however, Egor managed to come up with an additional shooting schedule just for us so we know when and what we’re going to film!! It was very convenient because we knew in advance when to be ready to go shoot, and when we could have a second to rest. Our big day went absolutely wonderful and everyone had tons of fun, but the coolest part was when we watched the edit Evertwo films put together for us!!! It was a combination of dozen emotions, capturing the funny, kind and romantic moments we had throughout the wedding day!! I watched it with a tears in my eyes! Everyone we showed the video loved it! I’m beyond happy we found such a talented team!! It was a real pleasure to work with these guys!”

Alyah S.

“We hired EverTwo Films team for our wedding in June, and all I’ve got to say – they did an astounding job! They captured all the important moments of our wedding and were very easy to work with. My wife is extremely happy with the number of photos we received as well as the wedding highlights video. Overall, I’m very happy and satisfied with a quality of work they did and the professionalism with which Egor and his photo/video team worked on our wedding day. To anyone who’s looking for a great wedding videographer and photographer – EverTwo Films is the one to go with! “

Rezo G.


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Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography in Los Angeles, CA



Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography in Los Angeles, CA